The Santa Claus Museum & Village is a not for profit museum that strives to preserve the history of the town of Santa Claus, Indiana. The Santa Claus Museum & Village are open throughout the year with varying hours. Please Google the museum or check out the website and our Facebook page for posted open hours or call 812-544-2434. The Museum & Village are located at 69 North State Route 245 in Santa Claus, Indiana, just south of Holiday World.

The Santa Claus Museum features historical documents, photos and artifacts illustrating the progression from the tiny settlement of Santa Fee (pop. 65) to the present day town of Santa Claus. Exhibits feature the story behind the town’s famous name, the history of tourism, and artifacts highlighting the town’s unique history. Page through decades of children’s letters to Santa Claus, and listen to the voice of Santa Jim Yellig. Explore the joy behind Christmases of yesteryear with antique toy displays and a large collection of Santas of every shape, size and interpretation. Remember to browse the gift shop for a special Santa Claus, Indiana souvenir.

Make sure to visit the Original Santa Claus Post Office and pen your free letter to Santa. Include your full address, as Santa and his Elves will write back in December. This historic structure also serves as the headquarters for Santa’s Elves, a group of volunteers who tirelessly help Santa answer the thousands of children’s letters that arrive every year.

Stop by the 1880 Santa Claus Church, a beautiful historic structure that contains most of its original furnishings.

And don’t miss the opportunity to take your family photo in front of the historic 1935 Santa Claus Statue. Standing 22-feet-tall and built of solid concrete, this statue is one of a kind. Take an Instagram selfie in front of the 12 foot Santa Mural which was completed in 2022! Be sure to make a magical wish in the recreated Santa Claus Wishing Well reminiscent of the original well from 1935.

Group Visits and school field trips:

If you would like to schedule a visit for your tour group, school, club, or organization, please contact us at 812-544-2434 or santaclausmuseum@santaclausmuseum.org for tour group itinerary and donation suggestion for the group. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Santa Claus Museum & Village.