October 5, 2023

Our Director

Kathleen Crews



Kathleen Crews is a native of Owensboro, Kentucky, and as a child, took countless trips to the town of Santa Claus, Indiana to visit Santa Claus Land, Christmas Lake and relatives in the area. Crews graduated with distinction from the University of Hawaii and moved to the area in 1991.

Crews has an education background, spending 15 years as an educator, mostly in special needs. She also has years of tourism experience. Crews enjoyed a career educating visitors with the National Park Service at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. For 20 years, she and her husband owned and operated a buffalo farm and historic site in Lincoln City, Indiana. In addition, she has spent many hours volunteering in the community at the Lincoln Amphitheatre, Lincoln State Park, Lincoln Pioneer Village, the Colonel William Jones Home and the local food bank.