Stay Away from Matches

By Kathleen Crews on April 9, 2014 in with 3 Comments

Stay Away from Matches

Who knew scented candles could be so dangerous?


  1. natalie kay grace franck

    November 30, 2014 at 3:57 am · Reply

    Dear santa, for Christmas I want two or three things first thing is a toy I want a teddy tank it is a stuffed animal that has a tank in it and you put something in its mouth and goes to it stomach and take out its stomach and the stuff that was in it will come out. the second thing I want is health and my family will stop fighting. love, Natalie also know as nk

    1. Hope & Olivia

      December 1, 2015 at 9:02 am · Reply

      Dearest Natalie, Hello my name is Hope and my daughter(her name is Olivia-she is 12 years old)and I just happened to see your letter and we wanted to take the time to send you a little note of encouragement. I bet Santa will be seeing your letter real soon. The Teddy Bear toy sounds really cool too! I also wanted to tell you that you are a very brave young lady for asking Santa to help make the "fighting" stop. I wanted to tell you that my daughter and I are Christians and we wanted to tell you that we will pray for your request for the "fighting" to stop and to let you know that God loves you VERY MUCH! If you ever feel that no one is around always know that God is ALWAYS there! Even though you can't see him or hear him, he is ALWAYS there for us! Even in the dark, all you have to do is ask or just say" Dear God".............There is no right or wrong way to pray to God. I just wanted you to know. I do not know your home life situation but I do know that he is there and he loves you so very much Natalie! I hope this helps you and that Santa brings you every thing your little heart desires! Your Friends from Kentucky! Hope & Olivia!!

  2. Abril

    December 2, 2015 at 9:15 am · Reply

    I wish you come to my house but my house is lock all i want for christmas is love peaje mery christmas! !!!!!!!!

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